Robotic Threat Detection and Response

Our team hunts for evidence of malicious activity in your environment and delivers the fastest and most effective response before your business is impacted.

Your adversaries keep overperforming


Total Threat Actors Discovered


Set Tools Available to Threat Actors


Threat Actors that perform breaches each month


Registered Vulnerabilities with public exploits

Cybersecurity facts

The cyber landscape has changed in the big tech industry

Big tech companies have changed their operating model to defeat lack of talent, legacy technology, and unmanageable volumes of alerts with little value for analysts. The new standard in cyber requires alert enrichment, a layer of automation to perform routine tasks, cutting-edge technology in SaaS and PaaS deployments, and sourcing talent from all over the world.

The robot learns from past experience to make decisions with current data

  • Updating severity
  • Discarding low value alerts
  • Applying prior knowledge
  • Alert handling procedures

The robot automatically executes actions to improve response time

  • Playbook execution
  • Intelligent alert enrichment
  • Hyper queries
  • Response actions

The new paradigm of evolving digital adversaries

Threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, highly persistent and undetectable by traditional SOC approaches, which requires strong capabilities in the field.


Global careers defined by skills, not by levels

Automated processes free analysts from repetitive and low-value tasks

Continuous training


Automated Next Best Action (NBA) for analysts to do next

Autonomous processes set to learn and verify output

Cut through noise and enrich data


Born in cloud

Disruptive and transformative

Big data thinking

Continuous learning to anticipate, prevent, detect and respond


Continuous feedback to act on threat vectors

Deep knowledge about the organization due to information convergence

Integration with third parties

You can't defeat what you can't understand

For that reason, our approach is to understand the methods, techniques and tools associated and leveraged by digital adversaries. Our specialists operate offshore and make use of disruptive technology that streamlines the knowledge acquisition process. Everyone in the team has a clear role which maximizes overall performance.

Service Manager

Close contact with customer, comprehensive management of service operations.


Analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of the digital threat landscape.

First level response

Continuous and fastest response, resolution of well-known scenarios.

Global initiatives towards defeating cyber attacks

Our operation is driven by a perfect mix of different frameworks.

We leverage D3FEND for alert normalization, MITRE ATT&CK for incident categorization and NIST as the reference framework in Security Operations.


Knowledge graph of cybersecurity countermeasure techniques.


Globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.


Cybersecurity standards, guidelines, best practices, and other resources to meet the needs of U.S. industry, federal agencies and the broader public.