Cybersecurity concerns

Cipher xMDR Platform: helping organizations


Resolving cybersecurity issues such as:

Optimization of investment in security

Excessive alerts

Dealing with excessive alerts ​
has become overwhelming​

The xMDR Plartform does review 100% percent of the alerts despite the original categorization, The Smart Alert processing uses previous feedback performing cross correlation and grouping with a noise reduction over 75%

Fiscal Responsibility

Budget constraints

Budget constraints lead
companies to prioritizing
protection in the present​

The xMDR Platform and Services release the hidden potential and leverage the existing expense that has already been allocated towards Cybersecurity, all without necessitating alterations in the current technology stack

People care

Crowded MDR space

The crowded MDR space 
makes confusing to figure out
which vendor to trust​

The xMDR Platform is vendor neutral thus we will not push you to adquire and change existing technologies we can proficiently perform Next Generation Detection and Response on what you have in place (*)

Control center

Help you
manage SOC

Tips to help you
manage a SOC that
operates 24/7​

The xMDR Platform and Services meticulously track adversaries and their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). It gives you the rules and use cases ready with a priority, risk rule calculation, trend status and also allows the configuration of operation in 3 different modes, manual, trend or full auto

Engineering and innovation

Truly embrace automation

Truly embrace automation
to expedite issue detection
and resolution​

The xMDR Platform has been designed to automate a large number of repetitive and low value tasks such understanding adversaries TTPs, manage the complete lifecycle of rules and use cases, connect to different systems and platforms to look for information or to spend tons of time with ticketing systems.

Consultoría servicios de seguridad

Metrics based decisions

Metrics-based decisions to
reduce risks when building a
security program​

The xMDR platform through its metrics and KPIs, empowers users to make decisions away from hunches, see which rules and use cases are more valuable and which other don’t, focus on the relevant away from noise, understand rule risk calculation and take cybersecurity to the next level.

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